Saturday, 7 June 2008

My challenge

This is the card i made for the challenge that i set over on the Hallmarkscrapbook message board. The challenge is to use either or both of the cats that can be found on the Paper Dolls cart. I just giggled to myself all the time i was making it, i hope it raises a few smiles.

I have also been contacted this week by another UKS member to show me the card she made, inspired by my ampersand wedding card, everyone seems to love these cards, i've had so many lovely comments about them, and i'm so pleased to have inspired so many to make one. Check out Annette's card on her blog here. Hasn't she done a beautiful job?


SamG said...

Great card TG, very funny! :D
George thinks its hilarious - will def be making a couple of those. TFS xx

michelle said...

Tracey this is the funniest ! showed it dh last night and he thought it was so funny actually came out with a smart remark and insisted the cat blowing out the candles was called michelle lol !