Sunday, 8 June 2008


I had the most wonderful surprise yesterday, i just can't get over how kind some people are. Regina Easter sent me a RAK, this lady is one of the sweetest, kindness ladies on the WWW. She asked someone else to get my address for her, and that person (DeeDee) was sworn to secrecy. Anyway check out Regina's blog post here, and see that gorgeous box?, that's what she sent me!!!!, but that's not all, (although that box is a gorgeous gift in itself), inside was a Martha Stewart Doily Lace punch, i'd been trying to hold of one of these babies for a while, but couldn't find one anywhere in the UK. All i could do when i opened the package was cry, i was overcome with emotion, and the thought that someone you've never even met, would send you something, just blew my mind. So how lucky am I to now own this....

P.S sorry for the quality of this photo, it is not mine, i snagged it off Ebay. :)

Here is a card a made for a little girl who's birthday party our little foster child went to today, i hope she liked it, but what little girl wouldn't love a glittery Minnie Mouse card?, especially when it has her name on it.

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QweenDavia said...

how wonderful! I just love all the inspiration that Regina shares with us all and it seems like her kindness never stops!