Thursday, 25 October 2007


I've been tagged for the first time by Patsy, (thanks for that), but i'm afraid my 7 facts won't be very interesting, as i'm quite boring.

Here we go then,

-My DH and i where together for 11 years before we finally got married in Cyprus 2005, our son who was 9 at the time was our best man.

-I had gestational diabetes when i was expecting our son, so he was a large baby weighing 9lb 1oz, and was born via C-section.

-We have been foster carers for 4 1/2 years, and have had 7 children stay with us in that time.

-I will be 40 next April., but inside i'm still in my twenties.

-I own a 7 year old Labradoodle, (Labrador/Poodle cross) named Murphy. He's a big lump and acts like a puppy.

-I have known my best friend for 35 years, we don't see each other as much as we'd like to, as she works full time, but we both know we are always there for each other.

-I once bounced down some metal steps on my bottom at a theme park and broke my coccyx, OUCH!

Told you i'm boring.

I can't think of seven people to tag, as most of the blogs i visit have already done this one, so if you read this and haven't been tagged, your it!


Patsy Jackson said...

Wayyy! Fab facts Tracy - like the sound of Murphy - awww!

Thanks for taking part - I think some people have done about 21 facts by now lol!

Patsy xx

Anna said...

I have nominated you for a little award. The details are on my blog.