Monday, 1 October 2007


I've not really had much to say lately, hence the gap between now and my last post.

It's been a funny old week, i received my EBug last Tuesday, and i was so excited about getting it, then couldn't be bothered to play. I've had really bad PMT (sorry too much info) and could have easily committed murder last week, but i'm Ok again now, thank goodness. I really hate it when my hormones take over, and no matter how hard i try, i can't stop them. I really feel sorry to my loved ones, who have to take the brunt of my foul moods when that time comes.

Anyway today i've had a huge boost, i've won a prize for the card i made for the UKS Sept card challenge! I'm still shocked as there was loads of scrummy entries, far better than mine, but my card was chosen as the winner. Thank you Julie from Scrapbooking castle for picking my card. I'm over the moon!

I brought a little girls top from Next yesterday and fell in love with the little hedgehog on it, so i traced it and paper pieced it and put it on this card.

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Monica said...

Such a cute card I just love how it turned out and how clever of you to use that top as inspiration. FAB!!