Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Some old Ribbonoasis DT projects

Just thought i'd share some of the stuff i've done for Ribbonoasis, using some gorgeous ribbons from the Summer Fun and Sunny Daze mini mixes Bea sent me.


Patsy Jackson said...

OMG how talented are you - I'm loving the bright colours - my fave is the first bouquet!

I've tagged you I'm afraid - I'm sure you've done it before but at least I thought of you xxx

Louly said...

Wow you are one talented lady! I'll definately be back to this blog! Thanks for your response to my curvy card comp, the forum you've struggled to get on isn't mine (as some people seem to think lol) so i'm afraid I can't help much with that but if you don't get on today, let me know and i'll make sure you get the template hun.
Lou XX

Alex said...

Hiya Tracy

Loving these projects, did you paint your bucket or was it originally yellow, if you painted it, what did you use please, cause I have a couple of silver metal cut little buckets but don't know what to cover them with!!!

TG said...

Thanks for the comments.

Alex, the bucket was already yellow when i brought it, i too have some silver ones and don't know yet what to do with them, so sorry i can't help you one that one.