Friday, 5 June 2009

An award

The very sweet and extremely talented Caryn has given me this award, thanks hun.

I now have to give you 10 facts about myself, i haven't anything exciting to share with you, because i have led a fairly boring life.

1. I have been with my hubby for 15 years, and tomorrow is our 4th wedding anniversary.

2. I have known one of my best friends for 36 years, we played together as 5 year olds.

3. I once bounced down some metal steps on my bottom and broke my cocyx, it was very painful.

4. We have fostered 6 children in the last 7 years, now we are waiting for a new placement.

5. I have four nieces and a nephew.

6. I have lived in 9 different houses since i was born, but always in the same town.

7. I used to be a tomboy when i was younger, up to around the age of 13, then i discovered boys.

8. I once waited in line for 3 hours to get on a ride at Disney World, that was before fast passes where invented.

9. I hate tomatoes with a passion, especially tinned ones, just the smell makes me heave.

10. I can't even speak in the mornings until i've had my first cup of coffee.

Told you i was boring.

Now the tough bit, i have to pass it on, it may take me a while to find a few fellow bloggers that don't already have this award, so i'll be back later to add my list.

1 comment:

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh you're certainly not living a boring life! Am with you on the coffee, and congratulations on your selfless fostering, not boring but BIG to those children.