Saturday, 3 January 2009

An award

I have just received this award from the very talented Nancy, thanks Hun.
The rules are to List 5 addictions and List 5 of your favorite bloggers, it's just so hard to choose, i have soooo many favorite bloggers, and way too many addictions....
My 5 addictions are:
1.Paper crafting, i'm never happier than when i playing with paper, glue, ink and of course my Cricut Expression.
2.It's gotta be crisps, any flavour except Smoky bacon, but if there's no other flavour available i'll even eat them.
3.The internet, if i can't get online for a couple of days i get serious withdrawal.
4.Coffee, i can't speak (only grunt) until i've had my first sip of coffee in the morning.
5.Buying stash, i have a room full of stuff, but still keep buying more, i just love pretty paper, and cardstock!

Now for five of my fav bloggers..... these are five bloggers that have given me so much support and encouragement with my card making, thank you, i love yer all.


Off me trolley Cards said...

Well done on your award Tracy, well deserved as usual! I love visiting your blog, I have only just got into this blogging malarky so don't go on many peoples but I'm learning :) WELL DONE AGAIN HUN xx

Nikki said...

Thanks Tracy! I love your new header! I'm in the middle of making a new one for myself....I just finally got around to getting a more spiffy background. :P

Anonymous said...

Just to let you all know who follow this blog craftbetsy has been caught stealing designs on other forums you can read what has happened on imagination forum

Patsy Jackson said...

Awww thanks Tracy! You are a star! I don't get that much time to blog hop right now but I always like to make a visit to yours as you inspire me so much! Your work is always so ORIGINAL!!! ;-))

Hmmm not sure what the 'crafty betsy' msg means - hope all is OK hun.

Patsy x

michelle said...

Hi Tracy !! happy new year !! thankyou for the award it was such a wonderful surprise ! You really deserve it yourself as i find such joy and inspiration from your work !! thanks for thinking about me

huge hugs

michelle x

Sharon Caudle said...

An award that is so well deserved!!! (so much so that I issued you one as well over on my blog. Thanks for sharing all your awesome talent Tracy!! hUGS!