Monday, 3 September 2007

I've been norty..

today i got carried away and ordered me a Cricut Expression from the US, well it just had to done, it was such a bargain. The machine was $275, minus 10% laborday discount the store was giving today and $50.70 shipping, so the total price in GBP was the amazing low sum of £151.61. I know i'll be stung by customs, ( i've been told around £40) but i paid almost twice that amount for my little Cricut this time last year. I was a little concerned what DH would say, but in the end i didn't have to tell him, as DS snitched on me the minute DH walked in the door from work, KIDS! He just laughed, phew. So now my Cricut is getting a big brother, he was rather lonely. :)


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Monica said...

Yay!!! We re in the same boat I m waiting for mine too, I worry about the custom charges as well. XXX