Friday, 18 June 2010

Pretty bunting

I just can't get enough of bunting at the moment, and it seems to be hanging up everywhere  right now, mostly the  red and white variety for some strange reason. :)
Tonight we are off to a 40th birthday party, (which  until yesterday i'd forgotten about), so i quickly rustled up this simple card this morning, based on the one i made for my Sister in May, and of course features bunting too.

 A few weeks ago dotcomgiftshop emailed me to ask if it was OK for them to add my blog to their top 50 craft blogs list, of course i agreed, then this week they emailed again to ask if i would review some of the bunting, maybe they had seen a few of my cards with bunting on. I said i would delighted to, thinking they would just send a small sample, that i could maybe play around with a incorporate into my paper crafting in some way, how wrong i was. 
This is what i actually received in the mail today .
 It's the whole 8 metres of fabulous Vintage Union Jack Bunting, i can't wait until the sun comes out, so i can hang it in the garden at the next BBQ. It's just so gorgeous, i just can't bare to use it for anything else other than what it's intended for, and i'm sure it will feature at many parties in the future.


Rachael said...

Fab card Tracy and that bunting looks great!!

Julie said...

Fab 40th card Tracy!! The bunting is brill as is the sample you received!! Juliexx