Sunday, 10 May 2009


Yes, i had a nightmare Friday night, during a Microsoft update my laptop turned itself off and wouldn't turn on again, not even in safe mode. It resulted in having to use the recovery disc, which got it up and running again, but i lost EVERYTHING!!! All my digi stamps (including ones i'd paid for), all gone, all my Cutting Cafe files, gone, my Craftytemplates templates, and all my email and contacts addresses, all gone! Fortunately i had all my photos safely stored on my external hard drive, and all my Cricut cut files where stored in my BT digital vault. If nothing else this is a lesson learnt, i must save everything i want to keep in a safer place. It's taken me all day to get all my programmes loaded back on, i even had trouble with one of them.
I tell yer, i could just cry.

Hope you've all had a better weekend than me.

Hopefully i'll have something crafty to share soon.


bonnie said...

OMG that is a nightmare are you sure it is all lost? I had problems where my pc wouldn't go on at all so I called a computer guy and he took it away and was able to retrieve everything I thought had gone...I too had to reload all my programs which took forever with small hitches here and there but he found all my lost data. I'm sorry to hear that. :) Bonnie x

Regina Easter said...

OMG that is a nightmare, you poor tihng...this happened to me not to long ago, but luckily i saved all of my important stuff on cd's...well you just let me know anything you need from the cafe sorry again...bummer


Oh hunny i am so sorry to hear about this, it made me realize i really should start saving my digi downloads to discs, because i could have the same experience. Its heartbreaking isn't it? i hope you manage to maybe get your pc to someone that can retrieve things like Bonnie? im useless with computers which is why i havn't backed anything up as yet. But im determined to get that sorted, after reading your post. So sorry again Tracy. Hope you have a better week, big hugs Linda x

Caryn said...

Oh hun, I feel for you. I haven't backed up in ages (we have a couple of external hard drives that we periodically save onto). Your plight has made me shiver - I'll get that done asap.

Hope you get everything back.

Big huge extra tight hugs.

Caryn xxx

Marlene said...

Oh NO!!! I'm soo sorry! What a nightmare!! I hope you get everything back to normal soon.